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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 68, Wednesday - Doha

We had to get up early this morning because Mary Anne said that would be the best time to visit the camel race track. :)

See the image of the guy riding the camel?
That’s right, more camels! I love it. This, again, is one of those things best describe visually.

On the move

Taking the camels out to stretch their legs

Camels taking a break during the morning's exercises

Still resting

Picture 1: Camel hanging out

Picture 2: Camel has an itch

Picture 3: Trying a different approach to get the itch

Picture 4: Got it.
However, I didn’t just get you pictures, I would like to also present you with a couple of video clips! (Sorry about the noise that the wind causes on the video, I didn’t notice it when I took the video, but you should listen with the sound on...)

And now for my favorite:

After the race track, Mary Anne and I stopped by a little place to get some tea (it was like 25cents for a cup!) and I love the name of this place:
What are "tasty buds"?
Here are a couple other signs we liked:

What does it mean to be "high clean"?

I hear Brad Pitt and George Clooney go here...

After that, we went home to change our clothes before Mary Anne dropped me off again at the QFBA office (same place I was at on Monday).

I got to chat with a couple people in the office today and learned that one of the women is Omani, one of the guys is Bahraini, although both he and the Qatari guy in the office speak perfect American English without any Middle Eastern accent. I also heard the Bahraini guy speaking perfect French on the phone.

I admit, I’m jealous that they are so fluent in all three languages, and for them it is easy. It is actually rather common for people in the Middle East to be able to speak Arabic, English, and French because they learn them is school. Oh well, I’ll just keep working at it the hard way. :)


  1. we saw a camel race several years ago in Indio,
    California. Grndma

  2. Hi Isabelle, it was nice to have you over at QFBA. We wish you all the best..