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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 70, Friday - Doha

*And we're back! Sorry for the long delay! By the way, go check out my post from Day 68, I finally was able to get the camel videos up!*

Today was a pretty calm day: went to church in the morning, which was really nice, and Mary Anne and I went for a little walk in the evening.

However, we had a pretty busy evening. Mary Anne had some friends stop by who were passing through Doha on their way to India. They had a bit of a layover so Mary Anne brought them over to the house and then we went out for a bit.

First we went to dinner at a place called “Turkey Central,” not to be confused with “Turkey Center” which is right next door.

This place serves a great mixed grill and I absolutely loved their sesame bread and hummus. I also had a really good mixed fruit drink which Mary Anne recommended. Btw, I think they have the most talented bussers I have ever seen:

After dinner, we went to Souq Waqif, which was really fun to see at night. Although most of the shops were closed, the place was packed with people getting dinner, smoking shisha, and milling about. We had to drive around for quite a while to find a parking spot.

We also noticed some camels in a pen just off from the parking lot which definitely had not been there when we came earlier in the week. I wonder what they were there for…

Looking into a traditional coffee shop in the souq
I loved walking around the souq at night, it has a great atmosphere.

We weren’t able to stay at the souq long as we had one more stop to make before taking our guests back to the airport.

Our last stop was one of the really nice hotels in Doha: Sharq Village Luxury Hotel & Spa. It fun to visit hotels in the Middle East, they are pretty amazing. This one had separate villas, private beach access, and pools with vanishing edges and small lights in the bottom to make them look like they were reflecting the stars.

After that it was off to the airport to say goodbye and then back home to sleep as it was very late and we had plans for the morning…

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