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Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 50, Saturday - Muscat to Dubai to Abu Dhabi

 A quick note before I leave Oman: November 18 is Oman’s national day and this year is their 40th anniversary (it also happens to be my birthday, but that is a separate national holiday in the land of Isatopia). The whole country is being decorated in preparation and I have been told that there will be quite the celebration. They are expecting many honored guests, including, possibly, the Queen of England (though that could just be a rumor, not sure). Of course, people are also really excited about the bonus which they are all getting, equal to one or two annual salaries, depending on your job. I would be excited too. So, I just wanted to add my congratulations to the festivities and I hope everyone enjoys the celebration and many good years to come!

For me, it is off to the airport. Basil was kind enough to drive me again and he is helping take care of shipping my bag as well. Thanks Basil!

When I got to the airport to check in, they told me I was late and that I had to run to my gate. Well, being in heels, I didn’t exactly run, but I did walk as quickly as I could. When I got to the gate, I looked at my watch and saw that it was a half an hour before the supposed boarding time, so I’m not exactly sure why they said I was so late. I was a little worried that maybe they meant my checked bags were too late to be loaded but everything made it here.

And by here, I mean the United Arab Emirates!
The Region
Close up of the UAE
I flew into Dubai and our friends here in the UAE arranged for a car to bring me from the Dubai airport to Abu Dhabi. The driver's name is Moataz, he is Syrian, and I think he is about 27. He is a nice guy and will take me to my next stop tomorrow. I have been to the UAE once before and have seen Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but quite a bit can change in three years with such rapid growth as these places have.

Walking through the airport was oddly familiar until I realized that this is the only airport on my trip which I have been through before (I did not go through the Oman airport when we were here three years ago since we drove between the UAE and Oman).

Our friends in Abu Dhabi are actually getting ready to go on Hajj, so I will spend tonight in a hotel in Abu Dhabi. Uncle Magdi and his youngest daughter, Yosra, met me at the hotel to check me in and have lunch, and then Magdi told me that he would pick me up for dinner at their house.

My room

Dessert: creme caramel & chocolate mousse

When we walked in the house, I remembered it from three years ago as well. Magdi, his wife Hannan, and their second daughter, Aya, were there. Yosra was asleep and their oldest daughter, Mariam, is away at university in Sharja (still in the Emirates, maybe a two or two and a half hour drive).

We had a great dinner, it was fun to see them all again, and then it was back to the hotel for me and Magdi had to run to the office to sign some papers before he and Hannan leave for Hajj, which will take them about two weeks.

I realized that this is the first hotel I have stayed at on my trip. It is a nice business-meets-spa type hotel, and I like it. The tv even greets you by name:

Tomorrow I go to Al Ain.

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