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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 1, Friday/Saturday - Seattle to Amsterdam

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! Today (or, technically yesterday - as in the day I left home - which was Friday) I flew from Seattle to Chicago and then on to Amsterdam. After arriving in Amsterdam around 9am Saturday, I spent the day with my Uncle Mark, Aunt Julie, and cousin Cora wandering around the city. The weather started out a little rocky but it turned into a beautiful day and we had lots of fun visiting markets and touring around town. I took a few pictures which I will try to post soon. In the past 26 hours I have dozed a bit on the plane and, as we all know how comfortable that is, I am looking forward to actually getting to sleep horizontally. All that is to say sorry that this first entry is not very exciting, I blame the scrambled thoughts on exhaustion and beg your forgiveness. I will say that Amsterdam is a lovely city and I look forward to writing, hopefully, more interesting posts in the future.

Ta-ta for now!

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  1. This post is dedicated to my big sister Amanda b/c she wrote me an email saying that I should write stuff down even if I am really tired... and I am. :) Love you sis!

  2. Looking forward to reading of all of your adventures Isabelle!