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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 5, Wednesday - Oxford

This morning started with a little bit of me coxing at Oxford. Here is the proof:

Yep, that's me in the front of the boat

It was a mix of girls with different levels of experience who have started training before the season begins. While they got some work in, I got a lovely tour of the river.

I am the white hat poking out of the bow.

 After the morning's outing, Rachel took me on a tour of some of the major colleges. The university of Oxford is actually divided among almost 40 colleges (and a few "halls"), there isn't really a central campus. Each college is quite different, some are very large and others quite small. Most have courtyards, a chapel, and they all have housing and a great hall. Here is a map that we made of everywhere we went today in the college part of town (I warn you, trying to follow the line is a little tricky. Just remember that loop-looking parts or backtracking are through different campuses). By the way, the map-pedometer estimates this little "walk about" is about 6.2 miles long.
We went through around a dozen of the colleges. Here are a few pictures:
The river going behind Magdalen College

A courtyard at St. John's College

Lincoln College's Library

St. John's College's garden

Everyone is in a college and it is largely through that college that you are connected to the university. First you apply to your program at the university, and then work out which college you will be in. Different colleges have different features that make each one a unique experience and you must be in a college which offers a tutor for your program. Tutors are sort of a mix between an academic adviser, a TA, and a professor. They are there to push you in your field as well as provide you with more individual attention.

For lunch we went to a great little market and I had a brie and french bread sandwich, which was delicious. Later on, I met up with one of the rowers from the morning, Vanessa, and we had a great chat over tea in the late afternoon. It's been great to get different perspectives on the university. Lots to take in.

Well, that's all for now. Tomorrow is another travel day, so I'll probably be late in recaping my last morning in Oxford.

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