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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 3, Monday - Amsterdam to Leiden

First, I apologize for the delay in posting. There are a few reasons I have missed posting: 1) Yesterday my cousin Cora and I planned to get up early and go to the Anne Frank house.  So, we got up early, dressed, started to eat breakfast and then I got sick. Well, technically I woke up not feeling well, but it got worse from there. Turns out, jetlag decided that yesterday it was going to pick a fight with me. Well, I went back to bed, and slept. When I got up I felt a bit better, so Cora and I walked to the street market where we ended up chatting with a Pakistani man who introduced us to his Dutch friend who had just been to Jordan (he introduced us after he learned I was headed there). A little later we went bike riding in Vondel Park, which was a lot of fun but we didn’t get to stay very long because I had to go home and pack for my trip to Leiden. 

 I went to Leiden to visit my “German sister,” Carolin, who has been going to university and now works there. She gave me a tour of the city which is beautiful and charming, just as you would imagine a small European town to be.   

After the tour, we went to dinner at an Asian-style place where you can pick what you want and they stir-fry it for you. We also went to a pub, just for fun, and had Fanta. By the way, in case you didn’t know, European Fanta isn’t like American Fanta. We have orange soda, they have a slightly sweet fizzy orange drink. I love it. We went to bed around midnight because we were planning on getting up at 3:40am. Which brings us to Tuesday…

The blue line is where I traveled today


  1. That day was really fun! Even though it didn't go as planned. :) And that was really neat how you got to talk to the Pakistani man.

  2. @Cora - Thanks! Yeah, it was fun!

    @Amanda - It's a sign about the university and how that was the original building and things.