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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 2, Sunday - Amsterdam

So, I'm working on posting some kind of map for those of you who want to track where I am, but for now I am just putting my location in the post title. As promised, here are a few pictures:

I just think this one is funny....
I didn't know you could dictate energy.
Also, we went to the grocery store today, which is always interesting to do in other countries. And fun fact for you: Dutch grocery stores are organized by meal, not type of food item. And I found:
Tiny coke!
Today was pretty low-key, church in the morning (in English and Dutch!) then lunch, the grocery store, some time at home, dinner, and a walk with the dog.

Now for some more scenic shots:
People here on bikes are amazing. I'll try to take some pictures, but seriously, they have talent. Also, roads are an interesting mix of people, bikes, cars, trams, buses, mopeds, and everything in between.

Canals are everywhere, and so are houseboats. We took a canal cruise for a little bit yesterday and I loved it!
This is from a bridge over the canal looking at some of the beautiful architecture. I have some interesting architecture facts for you but I'll save them for another post. 
 Amsterdam is a beautiful city, so I hope this gives you a little glimpse. Also, if there is anything you want to know, questions about my trip, or something you want to see in the blog, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate!


  1. Have you found the big yellow wooden shoe in Amsterdam? I think it's in one of the squares...that probably doesn't help you at all. Hehe. Your blog is great!

  2. @Rosie - Thanks! No, I haven't found it yet. I'll be back there Friday so I'll look for it then.

  3. if stores in america were organized by meal, i would be so happy. i hate having to decide what to make for dinner. haha.
    the pictures are great, too. the city is so pretty!
    im excited to keep reading. this blog is great!