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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 40, Wednesday - Muscat

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We are officially halfway through my trip! More than halfway through the countries, and it feels like I am quickly approaching the end. But I don’t want to think about it, so back to today. :)

It is the beginning of the weekend, being that weekends in Oman are Thursday and Friday. At the office we are trying to rearrange a course which was supposed to be offered this month but the professor wants to move it. I say "we" but Marwa really does all the work and she was drafting an email to the students to explain the change. She had to write it in classical Arabic so she was discussing it with the other woman in our office, Badria, who suggested that I try to help. I told them that I could either write a well-worded letter in English or a poorly-worded one in Arabic.

I talk down about my Arabic because I feel like a child trying to speak with Shakespearean –level vocabulary much of the time, but the truth is it is really not that bad. I can talk to people in Arabic, which they make me do on a fairly regular basis, and my listening is much improved. I am getting more and more comfortable with the language, though some days are better than others. It’s mostly a matter of practice and vocabulary, which will take the rest of my life to improve.

In the evening, Nawal, Hameda, and Ibtisam invited me to a BBQ. It was only women and children and we ate and talked and danced. At the end we all sat around drinking coffee and tea and just chatted. That was probably my favorite part. Listening to them tell stories and talk about their lives (mostly in Arabic, sometimes in English). Everyone seemed really happy and we all had a good time.
They wanted me to eat all of this. Do we see the TWO plates? ;)

Me in front of the house (we were in the courtyard behind me).

Close up of the camel stain-glass window. This one is for my mom. :)

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  1. I LOVE the camel window. Can you bring me back one? ;)
    I love the blog! Keep it up!

  2. okay, so I can post with an anonymous profile selected, but still have to select a profile. So this is your mom and the one above is me too!

  3. Have not missed a one but you know grandad not to swift about getting back to you but you mom told me today all I have to do is click annoymas spelling, never was to good at that. No honey we love the blog and Like I say we read every one at least once and the pictures are great and you know what, you ARE THE best looking one of the bunch. Don't let any one see that but is true. Lots of Love and Gods speed. Your grandfather ha.

  4. You mean I get to do it again wow. Well anyway, I know you watch NCIS. Well you look like that special agent girl. Now how about that. Nice and warm here today like 80. Went for a swim this afternoon. Forgot what we did this AM . Oh yes we went shopping. ha Love and Gods Speed. Your Grandfather, on your mothers side ha.

  5. Hi Isabelle,
    This is my first blog comment so I'm being cautious and anonymous at least til I get the hang of it. It's wonderful to see your pictures, you look so at home in the Middle East. I have a camel joke for you when you get back. Guess who...Khale Margaret.