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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 66, Monday - Doha

I did my first job shadow in Doha today, at the Qatari Financial and Business Academy which provides training programs in different business skill sets. This seems to continue along my path of “continuing education” job shadows which has been an unintended side-focus of my trip.

View from the elevator
It is a company which has been growing quickly and is in the process of separating from its parent company, so while I am here for a couple of days, I will be helping them novate some of their contracts (move the ownership of the contract from the parent company over to QFBA) as well as do a few other things.

I was taken on a tour of the offices, and on two of the floors, they have some of the largest televisions (and I mean regular televisions, not jumbo-trons with giant pixels or projections on screens) I have ever seen: custom-made 99inch screens. They were too big for the elevators so it took something like half a dozen workers to carry them up the stairs over three days. They make for awesome presentations though.

It seems like a really interesting company with good programs, so I hope to learn more about it.

In the evening, Mary Anne took me to the housing development known as “The Pearl.” It is only partially complete with residential sky-scrapers, villas, marinas, and high-end shops. It was perfect weather for walking around a bit.

In case you want to pick out your new Ferrari or Mazerati, you can simply step out of your apartment building and voila!

Inside one of the the mall areas

I also got to pick out my new yacht:

Though I may have to save for a few years before I can actually buy it…

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