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Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 43, Saturday - Muscat

Full day today. A new ad was placed in the newspaper today for courses from the Centre for Community Service & Continuing Education which means Marwa’s phone has been ringing non-stop. *By the way, a business note: newspapers are the most widely used form of advertising because practically everyone reads the newspaper. I have learned that this is true in both Kuwait and Oman.* I also spent time with Ibtisam learning about the finances of the department, in Arabic. I actually followed pretty well.

Along with running the marketing for the CCSCE, Marwa also teaches a few classes at the university. Currently she is teaching an introduction to business class and asked if I might come be a guest speaker for them. So, this afternoon I went to her class. I talked to them about my background, my interest in international business, marketing, my trip, and my job working for GRE. A few people asked questions during the class and a couple of the girls wanted to chat a little after class as well.

I love talking to groups about what I do because I think it is fun and interesting and I hope it can be for them too. Marwa said I did a good job and I hope the students got something out of it. I am used to speaking to Americans about what I do, in terms of international business and marketing, and about the Middle East but this was different because instead of talking about the Middle East to Americans, I had to talk about America to Omanis.

In some ways, talking to any group is the same because you are talking to people. All people have certain things in common – such as family, friends, likes and dislikes, priorities, etc. – but the specifics of these things are different for each person. We all have families but our families are all different; we all have likes and dislikes, we just like and dislike different things. This is why I love marketing: because it is about understanding people and connecting them to business. Business is about doing and marketing is about bringing that to people through understanding them and what they want and need. It is like anthropology and psychology and progress all wrapped together. Okay, so it’s a working definition and this is a blog and not my thesis, please forgive me if that was overly confusing.

In the evening, Marwa, Ibtisam, Hameda, and I went to dinner at this great restaurant called Kargen (or something, I’m a little unsure about the spelling). They have a great set-up for eating outside, which is why it was full and we sat inside. It was still a great place and the food was really good. I highly recommend it.

By the way, remember how I told you I promised the girls that if they got me an abaya I would wear it? Well, Hameda happened to have one which she doesn't wear so she gave it to me tonight. Guess what I'll be wearing to work tomorrow...


  1. there had better be pictures of that!

  2. As long as you don't have to sleep in it haha. Your Grandfather.