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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 53, Tuesday - Al Ain

I had a pretty calm morning, and then I got an email from Nancy inviting me to go with her and Martha and Marilyn to visit a member of the royal family in the evening. I emailed to let her know that I would love to join them, just to let me know when and where I should meet them. A while later, Nancy called me and said that she and Marilyn were leaving their hotel in five minutes to meet Martha and could I take a taxi to meet them at this particular gas station, I said sure.

It took a while to catch the taxi but I made it to them eventually.

The gathering was just the five of us women and our host, who was very gracious and generous. We spoke mostly in Arabic, as that is what she is comfortable with, and we had coffee and tea and both traditional and American-style fare. We had a lovely conversation and it was a great experience for me.

After our visit, we picked up two of Martha’s kids and headed out to the sand dunes. We climbed up to the highest peak, which is quite a work out. The sand was very soft and I discovered that if I scrunched my toes and dug my feet in a little it was easier than trying to walk “normally.” It was dark, but I attempted to take some pictures anyways.

Nancy and Martha

Martha's kids. I know that, photographically speaking, this is a terrible picture, but I kind of think it looks like a cool abstract painting.
You get quite a view of the city from the top.

To get down, we walked part way, but we also ran a bit which was really fun. It is kind of like controlled falling and the sand it is so soft that when you land in it your feet kind of sink in but you keep moving your legs and the gravity pulls your forward. It is like what you might imagine running in clouds would feel like.

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  1. You were such a great sport about catching up with us with 5 minutes notice, Isabelle. I'm so glad it worked out for us to have some fun together! --Nancy