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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 48, Thursday - Muscat

*Sorry about not posting yesterday! I moved and didn’t have internet in the afternoon/evening, which is when I have been posting. Also, I am going to try to get you all caught up closer to real time, which means, hopefully, two posts a day for a little bit.*

Well, I am getting ready to leave, which means packing again. In the morning Marwa picked me up to take me shopping as I wanted to pick up a few last things before I left. Marwa has been like my big sister these past two weeks, along with Hameda, Ibtisam, and Nawal (though, don’t worry Amanda, no one can replace you). She brought her son Adi, who is two which means he is super cute and full of energy. I realized that he and I have been speaking Arabic for about the same amount of time, although no one cares when he makes mistakes. :)

I have told all the girls repeatedly that they must come to Seattle because I want to take them around. And they had better. :)

The afternoon was packing, including a bag to send home. This entailed me trying to stuff as much as I could into this duffle/suitcase, realizing I had more stuff, taking everything out and doing it again. I am becoming very good at packing though. If you ever need advice, I have some good tips. :)

In the evening, my friend Sana came and took me out for tea. Sana came with the same group that Marwa came with four years ago which I accompanied. Her family has Iranian ties which gives her another connection to my family as my father was born in Iran (his parents were missionaries there). She also got sick on that trip and my mom stayed with her while she went to the hospital to get IV fluids, so they share a special connection as well.

We went to D'Arcy's Kitchen


The tea :)


We saw Sana last time we were here so it was fun to get caught up after three years.

In the evening, Hannan tooks us out to get shwarmas and we also got fresh fruit juice. This is what I got:

The red was strawberry, the white tasted kind of like bannana, the orange was mango, and the green was avocado. The sherbet on top was raspberry.


  1. What are some of those packing tips? :)

  2. Oh I see, you just want me to give away all my secrets don't you? ;)