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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 14, Friday - Beirut

Last day at AMIDEAST! Lebanon uses the Monday to Friday work week the same way we do in the States, so today is the last day of the work week and my last day at AMIDEAST. After a week, I am feeling rather comfortable here. There are many places I haven’t seen yet and I have been told by many people that I will just have to come back. I did finally make it to AUB (American University of Beirut) today.

After work, I walked to the AUB campus. When you enter the campus, suddenly you feel like you have left the city. It has the convenience of being close to anything you want, but the atmosphere inside the walls is quite peaceful. It is a rather large campus and I only walked through some parts, but it was very nice (I didn’t want to stay too late because I had to walk about 3.5/4miles back to the apartment.

On the way back I walked down to the waterfront and as I went back through the city, I got to see a little of Beirut’s nightlife. In the square near to where I worked all week, families were out playing and enjoying the warm evening. (I have been told several times that it is unseasonably hot right now, it has been over 100F most days.)
View looking South along the waterfront

Yup, there is a Hard Rock Cafe, this is near the hotel district between AUB and the AMIDEAST office

In case you can't read the tape(b/c it's folded and backwards) , it says "No Parking" and yet...

Place de l'Etolie at night
 I enjoyed my last night sitting out on the deck of the apartment with Emma and a few of her friends looking at the city lights.

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