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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 26, Wednesday - Kuwait

Spent the morning at Rima’s office trying to catch up on some things, then I had lunch with some other Kuwaiti friends: Qadria, two of her kids, her nice Nouf, and her sister. I have been in email contact with both Qadria and Nouf about my visit to Kuwait and it was nice to finally meet them!

We went to a fun restaurant called "Sliders Station" where their specialty is, that’s right, sliders! We also had “nano burgers” which I believe they claim are the smallest in world. They are pretty small and really tasty!

The nano burgers

Nouf, me, and Qadria's two kids

I have plans to see the family again next week, which should be fun.

In the evening I played video games for the first time in years. Mostly I just tried to stay alive in the first Mario game. Then we created a “me” for Wii. First Nassar made it and then gave me the controller to change it. It is pale skinned - okay fine - but they wanted me to have what I consider dark blonde hair. When I tried to change it to brown they protested, so I put it back. They also said it had to have a big smile because I am always smiling, so it does. And she is wearing a purple shirt for UW. :)

I did okay once we switched to Mario cart, I’m only passable at car games, everything else I’m a practical disaster. But then again, I never play, so that could have something to do with it… I improved from 7th place out of 12 in the first round, to 3rd place in the third (and final) round.

Random observation of the day: there are fried chicken restaurants everywhere here. KFC is very popular, in Jordan they also really like Popeyes, there is Texas Chicken, and a bunch of Arabic ones too.

Oh, bonus random observation: people talk between cars, as in people in two different cars stopped next to each other will roll down their windows to talk. I’m guess it is about directions, given the hand signals I can catch. You can ask anybody for directions, from what I am told, and I guess that even means from your car to someone in their car.

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