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Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 32, Tuesday - Kuwait

Today I have a little video for you. This was done by one of Lina’s sons and has become quite popular in Kuwait (by the way, everyone says that it is pretty accurate). Enjoy:

Another note on Kuwaiti traffic: yesterday it took half an hour to get to work, this morning it took an hour. Maybe that is why people generally don’t mind too much if you are late (I'm half joking). Schedules do tend to be rather flexible here.
Diana's house at night.

This evening was another family gathering at Diana’s. All of the siblings who are currently in Kuwait were there – Lina, Seena, Diana, Muhsen, and Rima – as well as some of their children. I really feel like a cousin and feel very at home except for my only partial comprehension of the conversation when they switch into Arabic (it is getting better again though, like in Jordan).

Rima lent me an English/Arabic book that she bought for her sons who are starting to learn Arabic. It is a cute book with animal characters. As I started to read it, I realized that the English translation was missing whole sections of text. I like the bilingual books because I can read the Arabic to get the flow of the language and to try to guess the meaning; then, I use the translation to check my comprehension and to find words I don’t know, like “rock.”

Some words I can guess given the context and a related word I might know. For example: I learned the word for airplane in Arabic class, and in the book there was a similar word. Given the context I could guess it was the word for “birds.” The words are related because both objects fly though I am guessing that the word for airplane was taken from the word for bird, not the other way around. ;)

And that is how I am working on my Arabic most of the time: guessing. ;)

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