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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 23, Sunday - Kuwait

Today I got to visit Aunt Lina’s different companies. She has one company which does architectural projects and another which sells telephone and pre-paid gasoline cards, amongst other things. She has given me a job developing ideas for a marketing campaign to promote one of their products. We will see what I can come up with. 

Aunt Lina also gave me a phone to use while I am in Kuwait. It is a Disney kid’s phone but I like it because it has pirates on it and it lights up multi-colored when someone calls. It was Nassar’s phone, but don’t feel bad for him because he has a Blackberry (he is borrowing his older brother’s line while he is away at school) and an iPhone (which was a gift and I told him that I need to have his friends). 

Also, this evening, I was invited to a family wedding, which Latifa and I will go to Friday night. Latifa and I then had to pick out what to wear, and while she already had a dress in mind, I spent a bit of time trying on dresses from Noora’s closet (she is also away at school and, fortunately, the same size as me). I am really excited and I will try to take some pictures for you all.

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