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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 29, Saturday - Kuwait

I woke up at 10am because my dad called me (I didn’t know it was him so I dismissed the call, which I felt bad about once I was fully awake, so I’m glad he called back!). I decided I had better get up anyways since I had been trying to fix the internet at home (which I have been without since Wednesday afternoon) and I had been invited to a lunch.

Aunt Diana (Lina’s sister) had invited me over to her house for a family meal with her husband’s family. Every week his family gathers at one of the sibling’s house for lunch and this week it was Diana’s husband’s turn.

The present I got from Diana's husband's sister's husband. They are Kuwait Police department towels. And they are pink. :)
I got more practice listen to Kuwait Arabic as people started to arrive. In the end, I think there were something like 30 to 40 people. I lost track after the first ten. Some spoke to me in English, but I got to listen a lot and speak a little Arabic. By the way, my nickname has become “Bella” because Isabelle seems to be rather difficult for them to remember and it often comes back as Elizabeth. They seem to like Bella and it seems to stick better (I know, I know, “Twilight,” but I did go by Belle in high school for a while, but Bella seems to work better for them).

I also surprised everyone each time I told them my age. The one sister said, “Really? I thought you were 15 or 16.” I tried not to look too disappointed. No, I laugh actually. My theory is that it is because I don’t wear that much make-up and here girls my age tend to wear a lot.

During the lunch, I ended up talking to the younger girls (middle school to high school age I think), since there were not that many girls my age there (most of them being away at school). I got invited to a party Thursday night, which they really want me to go to, and it would be interesting to see, but I think they had forgotten my age again, because I’m pretty sure the party is for like 12-15 year olds. They were all wonderful hostesses as they kept offering me things and making me eat more. Diana called Lina after to tell her that she had to take me out to dinner because I hadn’t eaten enough since I was talking the whole time. I told Lina that I had eaten plenty. I told you, I can’t make them happy.

We did go out for dinner (after I got on my computer to do some work but ended up talking to Amanda the whole time :) ). We went to a place called Wagamama, which I have heard of but this was my first time to eat there. For dessert we had Baskin-Robbins, then we went grocery shopping. That was fun. I like walking through grocery stores in different countries to see what they have.

When we got back I talked to my mom a bit (just to get everyone in one day ;) ) and went to bed “early” around 11pm, I think, because I have to get up early. Tomorrow, I will go with Nassar to school in the morning for an assembly and then to Uncle Muhsen’s office.

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