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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 30, Sunday - Kuwait

This morning, Nassar’s school had an assembly. He told us that families and friends could come, so I went. Regardless of the fact that we were late and I was one of only maybe half a dozen “families and friends” it was fun. 

First of all, we were late because while it might take us 15 to 30 minutes to get home from his school in the afternoons (the driver usually gets me and then we pick him up on the way home), it took an hour to get to the school in the morning. The drive in terms of distance should take about 10 minutes, but that does not take into account Kuwait’s traffic. 
Just a little traffic.
 Second, as to why I was one of only a few guests (actually, the only others I noticed were one set of parents), it seems that major assemblies where parents are invited generally take place in the afternoon to better accommodate the work schedule. I really don’t know what this assembly was for, but I knew Nassar was doing something in it and I wanted to support him. 

It ended up being some skits put on by the eighth-graders and then Nassar’s sixth-grade music class did a percussion performance. Nassar played the maracas.
Nassar is on the left side, fourth one in.
 At the end there was a game of Jeopardy and then we all left. While Nassar went to class, I went to work. 

This week I will be interning at Muhsen’s office (Lina’s brother). Muhsen, like his sister Rima, is in investment, but his company takes a less traditional approach. Sorooh Investment does Micro Portfolios (if you really want to know about it you can ask, but in case you don’t I won’t go into a lecture on finance. You’re welcome. ;) ). 

Several meetings and some emailing later, it was back home for lunch. 

Seeing as it is Sunday, I wanted to go to church in the evening and I really wanted to visit the church my parents used to go to when they lived in Kuwait. Since apparently there are only two churches in the city and the other one is Catholic (plus my mom sent me their website), I found it without too much trouble. 

 It was a very lively service and I was happy to be back in church as it has been difficult to do with all my traveling. 

And so begins week two in Kuwait! It is nice to not have to pack-up yet, and I still have a lot to see here.

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