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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 20, Thursday - Amman

**Sorry for the delay in posting! At first I was being a little lazy and then I have been very busy combined with patchy internet which means when I want to post I can't and when I can I haven't had time. Anyways, here we go...**

Today I had a meeting with Mr. Moataz Azar’s uncle who is the Deputy CEO of the Amman Stock Exchange. We talked more about Jordan’s economy and investment. The general feeling I get is that Jordan has been affected strongly by the financial crisis due to its reliance on trade and investment, but that its prospects are good due to its positive relationships with so many countries. 
He gave me a gift bag from the Amman stock exchange, which included an awesome interchangeable-color ball-point and highlighter pen.
 For lunch we went back to Yassar Azar’s parent’s house. Some other family friends came over and the afternoon consisted of a rotation between eating and talking. I had quite a thought-provoking discussion about the Israel-Palestine situation with two of the older gentlemen. It was very interesting to get their views on the situation as they are much closer to it than the third-party news sources which I typically hear from. 

Later in the evening we went out again to Cassanova (Yassar’s parent’s restaurant) for dinner around 10pm. Tonight is the beginning of the weekend and tomorrow we head out to the country-side to visit Moataz’s parents.

**Also, I have learned that apparently you must have a gmail account in order to post on my blog, I'm sorry about that and I wish I had known earlier. If you would like to create an account, great! I love getting comments, but for those of you who have been emailing me that works too! I love hearing from you all, so thanks. And thank you for all your support!**

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