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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 34, Thursday - Kuwait

Today is my last day at Uncle Muhsen’s office. There was a staff meeting where we talked about an upcoming real estate fair and the company’s presence there. A representative of their ad agency came and presented some ideas for their booth. After the meeting, I got to help look over the mock-ups and give some ideas of my own. They seemed to like some of my suggestions, so we’ll see.
My desk

I spent the afternoon packing. Turns out I have quite a bit more stuff now than when I arrived. This has also resulted in the need for a box which I had intended to ship home. Slight problem in that the cargo company said that it is too light for them to ship and sending it through FedEx or DHL would cost more than the contents are worth. Looks like I’ll be checking the box with one bag and carrying on the small suitcase with my little red duffel bag.

In the evening, Latifa and some of her friends were hosting a birthday party which I was invited to. I was also required to dance most of the evening. There was a live DJ and they asked her to play some English music for my benefit. It was a good thing I had practice dancing at the wedding, because they do the same two-step dance at parties. It was all girls, but apparently there is a fashion trend among some of the girls to cut their hair and dress like boys, so half of us were wearing dresses and the other half were wearing collared shirts and kakis. I borrowed another dress from Noora’s closet.

There was also good food and Latifa made cupcakes which wrote out a happy birthday message. For drinks, they had the tiny cans of soda (or pop? I never know which to use) which they say are perfect party-size. I think they are cute.

By the way, there are two kinds of small cans, mini ones and skinny ones, I’ll try to get all three sizes, including regular, for a comparison photo.

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